A bit about me and my blog…

Blog Mission:  To share the journey of a Kiwi expat Forex trader with itchy feet for travel and a huge vision for philanthropy through Forex.

DSC09240 - CopyHi, my name is Jackie Coutts.  I am a born and bred New Zealander, and l like most Kiwi’s lucky enough to be living as an expat, I have been making the most of the opportunities presented. I have travelled extensively, lived and worked in various countries, met some fabulous and colourful characters along the way, and most of all, I have always been prepared to try different things and follow opportunities as they arose.   The outcome may not have always been what I planned, however the journey was certainly eventful and I sure have learnt a lot from my numerous learning experiences and yes, mistakes, made along the way!

I hope you will bear with me as I embark on my foray into the blogging world and get to grips with this whole blogging lark.  Perhaps an ideal place to start is to tell you a bit about what I am hoping to share with you through this blog…

What I am aiming to share with you are a few lessons I have learnt, through embarking on some of these opportunities.  The majority of these will be the numerous lessons that I have learnt the hard way, from my experience as a Foreign Exchange (aka Forex) Trader.  I also hope you have some fun and a little laugh at some of the “OMG why did I do that” situations I have experienced, and I wonder if many of you will be quietly saying to yourself “I did that too!”

With my experience of more than 4 ½ years of Forex education, mentorship  and trading, there are certainly many lessons to share with you.  And after receiving many requests to pass on some of my trading knowledge, I will aim to share a few pointers with all of you beginner, learning and wannabe traders out there.  For those of you who are not new to trading, and are looking for an insight into a fellow trader’s strategies and trade plans, and perhaps moral support from someone who has no doubt experienced the same trading highs and lows as you, my blog is aimed at you too.  Above all, my vision is to provide trading mentorship and education, as well as an insight into my trading plan for the days, weeks and months ahead.

To give an eclectic feel to this blog, I may throw in some life lessons learnt along the way as well.  Whether they be financial, which will compliment your trading and wealth creation journey, or just general life lessons to aid in your personal development and empower you to be the best person you can be.

The colourful “life balance” aspect of this blog will come to you through my sharing the odd travel highlight – any “not to be missed” wine bars, funky restaurants and cafes, or just general “gotta add to your Bucket List” places.   Travel, I would have to say, is one of my main passions and I would love for you  to be able to share in that passion as well.

Why did I want to start this blog?  Well, honestly the  main reason for my blog is based on the wonderful philosophy of philanthropy and helping others in general.  I believe that life should always consist of win-win outcomes for all parties, not just when it suits, but consistently.  Everyone must benefit.

As a breast cancer survivor, I am thankful each and every day for just how lucky I am to still be here!  I am well aware that I could have been dealt with a much worse outcome when I was first diagnosed in August of 2009.   So, in an effort to show my gratitude for the blessing that was bestowed upon me, the most important objective I have for starting this blog is to be able to give back to cancer charities and especially to be able to provide financial assistance to the exceptional organisations undertaking the all-important Cancer Research.  If I can provide support in any way possible to cancer patients who are less fortunate than me, then it will be my privilege if I am able to make a difference.

I have been very lucky to have undertaken extensive trading education and mentorship from some of the best professional Traders in the industry.  Now,  I would like to give back to you, my readers, through passing on my knowledge to anyone who wishes to benefit.

The catch?  There is none.  I am hoping to bring to you my extensive Forex knowledge, free, through snippets in my blog.  I also have a vision for creating Forex Trading e-books and video training courses, which will be available at very affordable rates.  My aim is to ensure that my courses are accessible to everyone, with a percentage of the profits going to support cancer research.  The more affordable the training, the more people can take part and the more money will go to charity.  Everyone wins!

My philanthropy objectives are further realised through my role as an Introducing Broker (IB) for various trading brokerage companies.  My goal is to donate 50% of my IB profits to cancer research.  Exactly how this works, and how you can also become a part of this, will be detailed in further blogs.

Enough of me for now.   This is just a brief overview of me, your average Kiwi chick. An expat living abroad, with a passion for travel and trading, and a huge vision for philanthropy through Forex.

I look forward to welcoming you back to my blog in the weeks, months and years to come.  I would love to hear from you!  If you have any questions, suggestions or need any help then please feel free to contact me…

See you again soon!


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